Computer Science and Information Technologies, Computer Science and Information Technologies 2006

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Computer Simulation in the Management of Business-Processes
L. A. Ismagilova, P. Cook, R. F. Galimov

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Contemporary methods of business-process management are based on using conceptual modelling tools that visually demonstrate resource and information flows movement in business processes, In this paper authors suggest analyzing efficiency of these methods with computer modelling of quantitative business-process characteristics which help determine most efficient methods to improve these characteristics. The mainaspects of implementing PowerSim Studio 2005 simulation method to the — business-process performance-based management are discussed. The correlation between strategic goals and business-process measures is analyzed and methods ofbusiness-process management that helps the organization to pursue its strategy are modelled. The reasonability of simulation method implementation in commercial organizations and its efficiency is shown


Computer Simulation; Management of Business-Processes; management


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