Computer Science and Information Technologies, Computer Science and Information Technologies 2009

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3D interactive visualization of subsystems in a "Smart House"
D. V. Baygozin, G. B. Zakharova, A. V. Mamaev

Last modified: 2021-01-28


The interactive 3D visualization and simulation system which allows dynamically create and view different solutions of "smart house" equipment before physical realization of the project is described. The example where we demonstrate the opportunities of the system is the water and heating controlled equipment. The main idea of the approach is the superposition of images from separate layers — the level of base 3ds max image of room's interior and levels of elements of «smarthouse» equipment from the special library above it.


3D interactive visualization; Smart House; simulation system


1. Baygozin DV., Pervukhin D.N., Zakharova G.B.' VThe development of intelligent control ofengineering equipment in «smart house»". In: Proc.Of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Vol. 313, Ng 5.Control, computer engineering and computer science,2008, pp. 168-172.

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