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Plenary Session 2

Intellectual information technologies in energy security problem research PDF
D. A. Fartyshev, V. L. Arshinsky, L. V. Massel

Volume 1. Metalogic and Applicative Computation

The basis of automated designing of multivariate logical regulators PDF
A I. Kayashev, E. A. Muravyova, A. F. Antipin

Volume 1. Industrial Information Systems

Application-layer testbed for real-world experimentation in wireless ad hoc networks PDF
Gürcü Öz, Abdul Karim Abed, Yağiz Özen

Volume 1. Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Formation of structure of information system on the basis of monitoring fuzzy relations of business - processes PDF
V. V. Antonov, G. G. Kulikov, N. D. Andreev

Volume 1. IT in Culture, Art and Pedagogical Innovations

Informational Technologies as Major Impact on Contemporary Architecture PDF
I. S. Akhmetsafina

Volume 1. Geoinformation Systems

GIS development for the observation of floods in the areas of Acheloos and Arachthos PDF
J. Kotrotsos, K. Athanasia
System for assessing the sustainable development of coastal ecosystems PDF
O. E. Arkhipova

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