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Plenary Session 2

Concept-based and case-based inferences for medicinal therapies PDF
U. Petersohn, S. Guhlemann, L. Iwer, R. Balzer

Volume 1. Industrial Information Systems

Automated video tracking and linear editing system for recording and distributing of presentations PDF
S. V. Zykov, C. N. Bredyuk
3D interactive visualization of subsystems in a "Smart House" PDF
D. V. Baygozin, G. B. Zakharova, A. V. Mamaev
Indirect evaluations of gas turbine parameters based on neural networks PDF
S. V. Zhernakov, P. V. Belyavtsev

Volume 1. Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Analyzing the impact of information retrieval using fuzzy logic PDF
Soumya Banerjee, Indrajit Mukherjee, P. K. Mahanti
Description of networked services for a distributed system of financial operations on the basis of the ontological approach PDF
V. A. Kotelnikov, D. V. Popov, D. R. Bogdanova

Volume 1. Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Integration of uncertain information into decision trees and scoping rules for customer valuation PDF
A. Hilbert, D. R. Bogdanova, N. V. Sholokhova, T. A. Zaiko
Hardware and software for the heterogeneous mobile robotic system PDF
I. V. Bogin, V. V. Danilov, A. A. Dyumin, E. V. Chepin, A. V. Dronskiy, P. S. Sorokoumov

Volume 1. IT in Social and Economic Modelling

Investment portfolio optimization and some classes of risk measures PDF
E. M. Bronshtein, I. Z. Zubairova, P. V. Il'in, M. M. Kachkaeva, G. M. Fridman
Informatiom system development in formation of the state guarantees Program of rendering free medical aid to citizens PDF
L. I. Buharbaeva, L. A. Ismagilova, T. S. Valeev

Volume 1. IT in Culture, Art and Pedagogical Innovations

Copyright and IPR management for cultural heritage digital content in peer to peer networks PDF
G. Stylios, D. Tsolis, E. Georgatos, S. Chatzikostas, M. Orologa, I. Badouvas, S. Sioustas
Openness and accessibility of information on the university: the results of the international ranking of the universities' internet sites PDF
O. M. Karpenko, M. D. Bershadskaya, Y. A. Voznesenskaya
E-learning system "Carat" PDF
A. Borziak, Y. Gretsky

Volume 1. Geoinformation Systems

Placement spatial data in spatial data infrastructure using semantic analysis PDF
R. N. Bakhtizin, R. A. Badamshin, A. S. Pavlov

Volume 1. Discrete Optimization

LP-based Volume Bounds in Orthogonal Packing PDF
G. Belov, H. Rohling, G. Scheithauer

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