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Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, Murat Bakeevich Guzairov, Heinz Woern, Viacheslav Wolfengagen

Plenary Session 1

Knowledge based decision support system for flood risk assessment PDF
V. Reppa, C. Stylios, P. Groumpos

Plenary Session 2

Concept-based and case-based inferences for medicinal therapies PDF
U. Petersohn, S. Guhlemann, L. Iwer, R. Balzer

Volume 1. Industrial Information Systems

Visual atlases as a research framework PDF
T. Gavrilova, N. Gulyakina

Volume 1. Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Functional model of information security management PDF
I. V. Mashkina, V. A. Mordovina, R. M. Guzairov

Volume 1. IT in Social and Economic Modelling

Metric analysis of estimation of territorial development PDF
D. A. Gainanov, O. G. Kantor

Volume 1. IT in Culture, Art and Pedagogical Innovations

Copyright and IPR management for cultural heritage digital content in peer to peer networks PDF
G. Stylios, D. Tsolis, E. Georgatos, S. Chatzikostas, M. Orologa, I. Badouvas, S. Sioustas
E-learning system "Carat" PDF
A. Borziak, Y. Gretsky

Volume 1. Geoinformation Systems

Perspective of integration OLAP into GIS Rosvodresursov PDF
A. R. Gizatullin, S. V. Pavlov, O. I. Khristodulo, L. I. Kasimov

Volume 1. Discrete Optimization

An approach for the three-dimensional loading vehicle routing problem with isolated orders stowage PDF
E. A. Mukhacheva, N. A. Gilmanova, U. A. Karipov

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