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Plenary Session 1

Hungarian IT technology transfer results and problems some EU perspectives PDF
G. L. Kovacs

Plenary Session 2

Integration of the diverse data and data processing methods for the GIS-based management of the geographically distributed objects PDF
S. V. Pavlov, O. I. Khristodulo

Volume 1. Metalogic and Applicative Computation

The basis of automated designing of multivariate logical regulators PDF
A I. Kayashev, E. A. Muravyova, A. F. Antipin

Volume 1. Industrial Information Systems

About some functions of computer-aided manufacturing systems of numeric control programs' programming for flame cutting machines PDF
A. A. Petunin, V. I. Krotov
Control and diagnostics of manufacture and maintenance processes of perspective electronic techniques software PDF
D. I. Kardash, A. I. Frid, S. A. Frid

Volume 1. Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Formation of structure of information system on the basis of monitoring fuzzy relations of business - processes PDF
V. V. Antonov, G. G. Kulikov, N. D. Andreev
Description of networked services for a distributed system of financial operations on the basis of the ontological approach PDF
V. A. Kotelnikov, D. V. Popov, D. R. Bogdanova

Volume 1. IT in Social and Economic Modelling

Investment portfolio optimization and some classes of risk measures PDF
E. M. Bronshtein, I. Z. Zubairova, P. V. Il'in, M. M. Kachkaeva, G. M. Fridman
Metric analysis of estimation of territorial development PDF
D. A. Gainanov, O. G. Kantor

Volume 1. IT in Culture, Art and Pedagogical Innovations

Openness and accessibility of information on the university: the results of the international ranking of the universities' internet sites PDF
O. M. Karpenko, M. D. Bershadskaya, Y. A. Voznesenskaya
Organizations of students' performance monitoring on the basis of statistical feedback in the Web portal space of the university department PDF
M. A. Shilina, V. G. Kulikova
About the construction of the model of the adaptive training resource PDF
T. P. Kostyukova, E. I. Filosova

Volume 1. Geoinformation Systems

GIS development for the observation of floods in the areas of Acheloos and Arachthos PDF
J. Kotrotsos, K. Athanasia
Perspective of integration OLAP into GIS Rosvodresursov PDF
A. R. Gizatullin, S. V. Pavlov, O. I. Khristodulo, L. I. Kasimov

Volume 1. Discrete Optimization

Use of genetic algorithms in optimization of steel wire drawing processes PDF
V. A. Kharitonov, M. V. Zaretsky
New sufficient conditions for the integer round-up property for 1D cutting stock problem PDF
V. M. Kartak
An approach for the three-dimensional loading vehicle routing problem with isolated orders stowage PDF
E. A. Mukhacheva, N. A. Gilmanova, U. A. Karipov

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