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The Neural-Fuzzy Management Method of Development of High and Critical Technologies in Engine-Building Manufacture
S. G. Selivanov, S. N. Poezjalova

Last modified: 2021-03-29


The functional model of ASSR-technologies is offered and application of the neural-fuzzy management method of development of high and critical technologies in engine-building manufacture is shown in the form of information technology of work integrated-regression networks and use of fuzzy logic for formation of united technologies of aviation engines of new generation. The rational functions describing development of fighters and innovative-investment projects for creation of competitive production are revealed with use of artificial intelligence techniques. Innovative project, innovative-investment project, neural network, fuzzy logic, functional model, sigmoid, logistical function, united technologies, node technologies.


Neural-Fuzzy Management Method; High and Critical Technologies; Engine-Building Manufacture; information technology; aviation engines; neural network


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