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Experimental Study of Data Dissemination in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Abdul Karim Abed, Mehmet Komili, Gürcü Öz

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An ad hoc network is decentralized collection of multiple nodes connected with wireless links instead of using special devices for routing or switching like in a wired network. The communication ability between nodes is degraded by the distance and the environmental factors. So, each node in the network uses the service of other nodes in order to transmit packets to the destination node that is out of the range of the source node. In this paper, we present the performance of wireless ad hoc networks under different system configurations with some important performance metrics which are obtained by transmission of different sized application data and varied number of nodes in the network. All network configurations are conducted in an outdoor land and carried out by laptop computers running Windows Vista operating system. An application layer multithreaded program is used to investigate network performance.


ad hoc network; Data Dissemination; Wireless Network; multithreaded program


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