Computer Science and Information Technologies, Computer Science and Information Technologies 2010

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The Modified System of Structural Notation Microprocessors
E. V. Chepin

Last modified: 2021-03-29


The report examines the rules of structural notation(SN) processor, which allows a concise descriptionof the composition and, in part, their architecture.We give some new symbols and rules, brieflyreviews the experience of using structural notation in the learning process MEPhI and MIPT. Examplesof notations of some modern microprocessors.


Modified System; Structural Notation; Microprocessors; learning process


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2. Chepin E.V, Чепин E.B., The structural notation ofmodern microprocessors. Science session MEPhI-99.Vol. 7. M.: MEPhI, 1999, pp.99-100.

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