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Optimizing Extended Selective Acidizing Designs
G. T. Bulgakova, A. R. Sharifullin

Last modified: 2021-03-29


In accordance with modern requirements, the calculation of estimate values in extended selective acidizing (ESA) designs should be founded on the simulations of basic physical/chemical processes implemented as a software product. For wells characterized by a discontinuous permeability profile, distribution of acid among the target layers cannot be achieved without a numerical simulation. Besides, numerical simulators are helpful for economic optimization purposes, since they are able to generate numerous acidizing scenarios combining different injected volumes, and varying the injection fluid sequencing and initial economic conditions. To solve such problems, we have developed a numerical simulator to optimize ESA designs using viscous diverters. The model underlying the simulator reflects the physical and chemical principles of carbonate acid dissolution. The simulator calculates the following processes: hydraulic flow of fluid stages in the injection pipelines; distribution and flow of the injected fluid in the layered heterogeneous medium (formation); acid dissolution of mud and rock matrix; and thephysics/impact of diverters.Apart from that, an acidizing/diverting lab test has been performed on a simple volumetric core model. This has provided for an adjustment of the numerical model and helped improve the matching of simulated results with the actual well-head and bottom-hole pressure data measured during acidizing operations on the field.


Optimizing; Extended; Selective; Acidizing; Designs


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