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Role of Terninological Usage Oreintated Professional Dictionaries in Conditions of Informatization and Computerization of the Education Process of Students
F. R. Ismagilov, D. Yu. Pashali, R. R. Sattarov, N. L. Babikova

Last modified: 2021-03-29


The creation of terninological, usage orientated professional dictionaries of an applied character to be used locally for aimed to solve specified tasks of the speciality can be viewed as one of the ways that improve the information base of a techician assuming formation of professional components. The paper examines advantages of application published an English-Russian dictionary (glossary) of the electromechanical terms.


terninological; Professional Dictionaries; electromechanics


1. Ismagilov F. R., Babikova N. L., Sattarova R. R., Pashali D. Yu. Dictionary of terminology on electromechanics (Glossary): Reference Manual. UGATU, Ufa, Russia, 2010.

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