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Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, Murat Bakeevich Guzairov, Heinz Woern, Stylios Chrisostomos

Volume 1. Session 1 Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Common Information Space of Management Consulting in the Field of Information Management PDF
A. F. Galyamov, D. V. Popov

Volume 1. Session 3 Intelligent Systems

Analysis and Management of Information Risks on the Basis of Fuzzy Cognitive Models PDF
M. B. Guzairov, V. I. Vasilyev, R. T. Kudryavtseva

Volume 1. Session 5 Geoinformation Systems

Using GIS-Technologies for the Water Objects Monitoring in the Area of the Olympic Games in Sochi-2014 PDF
S. V. Pavlov, R. A. Shkundina, G. I. Radko, A. R. Gizatullin

Volume 1. Session 6 Computer Mathematics

The System Reliability of Computational Methods PDF
A. I. Frid, I. I. Gubaydullin

Volume 1. Session 7 IT Applications

Optimization Strategies for Distributed Volume Ray Casting in Heterogeneous Networks PDF
M. A. Zhernovkov, S. Bevier, W. Schotte, A. R. Gafarov
Risk Control of Multilinked Melting Objects PDF
M. B. Guzairov, A. P. Kostyukova

Volume 1. Session 8 IT in Social and Economic Modelling

Stocks Prices Analysis Based on Copula Functions PDF
E. M. Bronshtein, A. S. Gerasimova, E. I. Prokudina, G. M. Fridman

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