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Volume 1. Session 1 Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Conception of Situation-Oriented Databases PDF
V. V. Mironov, N. I. Yusupova, G. R. Shakirova
Mathematical Modeling and Design Optimization ofthe High-Precision Piezoresonance Pressure Sensor PDF
V. N. Simonov, N. L. Matison

Volume 1. Session 2 Mathematical Models and Information Systems

SCADA-System for Zeolite Suspension Production Using Multivariable Crisp Logic Controller PDF
A. I. Kayashev, E. A. Muravyova
Automated System of Prognosis of Resources Expenditure on Production of Metal Output PDF
A. M. Korneev, T. V. Miroshnikova

Volume 1. Session 3 Intelligent Systems

Model "Electronic University": Educational Paradigm of the Future PDF
A. V. Voxmintsev, A. V. Melnikov

Volume 1. Session 4 Computer Network Technologies and Web

Internet Applications on the Basis of the Built-In Dynamic Models: Description of the Program Implementation Technology PDF
V. V. Mironov, K. E. Malikova

Volume 1. Session 7 IT Applications

Possibility of Application of Situational Awareness in Energy Research PDF
R. A. Ivanov, L. V. Massel

Volume 1. Session 8 IT in Social and Economic Modelling

The Systems Approach to Managing Regional Socio-Economic System PDF
A. G. Ataeva, D. V. Shagapova, E. R. Mustafin, V. V. Oreshnikov
Simulation of the Influence of Price Control Mechanism on Financial Flows Formation in the Macroeconomic System PDF
B. G. Ilyasov, I. V. Degtyareva, E. A. Makarova, A. N. Pavlova

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