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Volume 1. Session 1 Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Common Information Space of Management Consulting in the Field of Information Management PDF
A. F. Galyamov, D. V. Popov

Volume 1. Session 2 Mathematical Models and Information Systems

Technical and Economic Simulation of Technological Mineral Dressing Processes PDF
Van Chi Nguyen, A. V. Petrov
Optimization of Resources Usage for Technological Support of Cutting Processes PDF
T. A. Panyukova, E. A. Savitskiy

Volume 1. Session 3 Intelligent Systems

The Neural-Fuzzy Management Method of Development of High and Critical Technologies in Engine-Building Manufacture PDF
S. G. Selivanov, S. N. Poezjalova

Volume 1. Session 4 Computer Network Technologies and Web

Development of the Web Application of Geographic Information System Rosvodresursy PDF
I. I. Kasimov, R. A. Shkundina, S. V. Plekhanov, T. M. Usov

Volume 1. Session 5 Geoinformation Systems

Using GIS-Technologies for the Water Objects Monitoring in the Area of the Olympic Games in Sochi-2014 PDF
S. V. Pavlov, R. A. Shkundina, G. I. Radko, A. R. Gizatullin
GIS as a Basic Integrating Component of city Public Safety Information-Analytical Systems PDF
O. A. Efremova, S. V. Pavlov, O. V. Ped, R. A. Valeev
Development of a Unified Database of Spatial and Attribute Data for Information Systems of Ministry of Ecology of RB PDF
S. V. Pavlov, O. I. Khristodulo, I. N. Zaitov, A. Kh. Abdullin

Volume 1. Session 8 IT in Social and Economic Modelling

Stocks Prices Analysis Based on Copula Functions PDF
E. M. Bronshtein, A. S. Gerasimova, E. I. Prokudina, G. M. Fridman
Role of Terninological Usage Oreintated Professional Dictionaries in Conditions of Informatization and Computerization of the Education Process of Students PDF
F. R. Ismagilov, D. Yu. Pashali, R. R. Sattarov, N. L. Babikova
Simulation of the Influence of Price Control Mechanism on Financial Flows Formation in the Macroeconomic System PDF
B. G. Ilyasov, I. V. Degtyareva, E. A. Makarova, A. N. Pavlova

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