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Model of management of an autoclave for a slag stone's manufacture with adaptation of duration and rate of rise of temperature and pressure to the chemical composition of raw materials
A. I. Kayashev, T. V. Sazonova, M. I. Sharipov

Last modified: 2021-04-15


The paper proposed the construction of an autoclave for the production of gazozolosilicate' slag stones ash materials in which the temperature is regulated by six points for improvement the quality of finished goods and degrease in energy loss. The algorithms of smooth and uniform increase in temperature and pressure in the autoclave at stages of recovery from the purge and with automatic adaptation of their duration to a chemical composition of raw material of slag stone. An algorithm of pressure decrease with resolution of 0.1 mPa, in which for improvement of quality of finished goods and decrease in power inputs rate and the duration of the stage of "Smooth decrease of temperature and pressure" adapted to the chemical composition of raw material of slag stone.


Model of management; autoclave for a slag stone's; temperature and pressure to the chemical composition


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