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Simulation of gas production in the northern regions: the role of thermodynamics
E. A. Bondarev, L. I. Rozhin, K. K. Argunova

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The influence of mathematical model parameters:on the dynamics of pressure and temperature fieldsat non-isothermal gas filtration is investigated in anumerical experiment, A nonlinear system of partialdifferential equations obtained from the energy andmass conservation laws and the Darcy law are usedto describe the process, and physical and caloricequations of state are used as closing relations. Theboundary conditions correspond to a given pressuredrop at the bottom hole, It is shown that theinfluence of the temperature field on such integralcharacteristics as cumulative gas production is mostpronounced at moderate pressure drops. The size ofthe zone of possible hydrate formation in a gasreservoir is determined in two particular examples.


gas; gas production; thermodynamics; Simulation


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