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Volume 1. Session 3 Text, Data Processing

Forum messages filtering based on individual recommendation and users'preferences clustering PDF
G. A. Makeev, M. B. Badretdinov, T. B. Badretdinov, R. D. Asfandiyarova

Volume 1. Session 4 Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing

Concept for educational processes common information space development and structuring on the basis of CALS PDF
G. G. Kulikov, G. V. Startsev, M. A. Shilina, D. V. Antonov
Hierarchical data storage labeling scheme performance tests and comparison PDF
R. D. Asfandiyarova, N. D. Tuck

Volume 1. Session 5 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

Simulation of gas production in the northern regions: the role of thermodynamics PDF
E. A. Bondarev, L. I. Rozhin, K. K. Argunova

Volume 1. Session 8 Control and IT in Technical Systems

Model Based Design of Control Software PDF
V. Alimguzhin, F. Mari, I. Melati, I. Salvo, E. Tronci

Volume 1. Session 9 IT in Educational Systems

Information support of management decisions in forming study program to meet labor market requirements PDF
O. N. Smetanina, L. N. Akhiyarova, R. J. Yusupov, Yu. G. Smetanin

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