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Volume 1. Plenary Session

Hardware and Software of Mobile Robots Group PDF
E. V. Chepin, A. A. Dyumin, N. K. Shapovalov, P. S. Sorokoumov

Volume 1. Session 2 Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

The Structural Notation for Multiprocessor Computer Systems PDF
E. V. Chepin

Volume 1. Session 5 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

Implementation of the Gwee-Lim Tiling Algorithm PDF
R. Chirikov, P. Rocсa

Volume 1. Session 7 Intelligent Control and IT in Mobile Robotics

Ideology and Management Software Architecture for Mobile Robots PDF
E. V. Chepin, N. K. Shapovalov, P. S. Sorokoumov

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