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Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, Murat Bakeevich Guzairov, Heinz Woern, George Kovacs

Volume 1. Plenary Session

A New Robot Laboratory to Experiment Real and Virtual Environments PDF
G. Kovacs, S. Kopacsi

Volume 1. Session 1 Industrial Information Systems

Model of management of an autoclave for a slag stone's manufacture with adaptation of duration and rate of rise of temperature and pressure to the chemical composition of raw materials PDF
A. I. Kayashev, T. V. Sazonova, M. I. Sharipov
Development of production rules for the semantic analysis of spatial information in the formation of a unified database of environmental organizations PDF
S. V. Pavlov, O. I. Khristodulo
Automated management system transportation of petrochemical products PDF
A. F. Valeeva, L. A. Kohanchikov, E. Y. Rassadnikova

Volume 1. Session 3 Text, Data Processing

Comparison of data extraction methods from charts PDF
A. Kulmukhametov
Parallel watershed segmentation PDF
A. Karimov, M. A. Verkhoturov

Volume 1. Session 4 Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing

Concept for educational processes common information space development and structuring on the basis of CALS PDF
G. G. Kulikov, G. V. Startsev, M. A. Shilina, D. V. Antonov
The Factor Cloud Computing in IT Risk Management PDF
N. I. Yusupova, U. Konrad, V. J. Penzina
Implementing а distributed attack such as “Denial of service” based on cloud computing PDF
М. Y. Kosenko, A. V. Melnikov

Volume 1. Session 5 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

Belief contraction through safe formulas PDF
V. A. Kozyreva, G. Wheeler
Uncertainty analysis in sidetracking planning based on geological and reservoir simulation PDF
E. A. Kharisova, M. N. Kharisov

Volume 1. Session 6 Information Security Systems and Web Information Systems

A block of the decision about relations with customers-companies making support in the internet commerce industry PDF
A. Hilbert, M. N. Kharisov, J. A. Kharisova

Volume 1. Session 8 Control and IT in Technical Systems

Identification of the Gastrointestinal Tract Sections in the Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images PDF
A. Kukushkin, D. Mikhaylov, I. Zhukov, E. Ivanova
Application of neural network and genetic algorithms to Life Cycle Information support of Complex Technical Object PDF
R. R. Karimov, T. V. Islamgulov, D. Yu. Karpenko

Volume 1. Session 9 IT in Social and Economic Model

Intelligent Decision Support in Investment Management in Multi-Sectoral Macroeconomic Systems PDF
B. G. Ilyasov, E. A. Makarova, U. V. Degtjareva, T. A. Kartasheva

Volume 1. Session 9 IT in Educational Systems

The Model of Education Quality Estimation for Decision Support System in Educational Process PDF
Z. V. Maximenko, A. V. Klimova

Volume 2. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Volume 2. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, Murat Bakeevich Guzairov, Heinz Woern, George Kovacs

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