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Volume 1. Session 1 Industrial Information Systems

Traffic flow control by LED road signs PDF
T. I. Mikheeva, A. A. Osmushin, S. V. Mikheev
Algorithm of composition forming of industrial enterprise management information data system based on indicators of business processes effectiveness value PDF
V. A. Melnikov

Volume 1. Session 2 Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

On knowledge systematization for solving complex problems PDF
S. G. Maslov, A. P. Beltiukov
Applicative inference system by combinators PDF
I. V. Mazhirin
Situational-Oriented Databases: The Concept of XML Data Managing Based on Dynamic DOM Objects PDF
A. S. Gusarenko, V. V. Mironov

Volume 1. Session 3 Text, Data Processing

Application of factual models in the field of business intelligence PDF
A. V. Melnikov, A. V. Voxmintsev
Forum messages filtering based on individual recommendation and users'preferences clustering PDF
G. A. Makeev, M. B. Badretdinov, T. B. Badretdinov, R. D. Asfandiyarova
Calculation of OLAP-cube measures in the presence of dependent dimensions PDF
V. V. Mironov, E. S. Makarova

Volume 1. Session 4 Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing

Situation-oriented databases: using heterogeneous data sources PDF
V. V. Mironov, G. R. Shakirova, V. A. Dolzhenko
Implementing а distributed attack such as “Denial of service” based on cloud computing PDF
М. Y. Kosenko, A. V. Melnikov

Volume 1. Session 6 Information Security Systems and Web Information Systems

Internet applications on the basis of the built-in dynamic models and XML: Interaction of clients PDF
K. E. Malikova, E. Blagova

Volume 1. Session 7 Intelligent Control and IT in Mobile Robotics

Development of a humanoid head using a conscious system PDF
J. Takeno, G. Matsuzaki
Robotic System for Maintenance of CNC Machines PDF
O. V. Tselishchev, R. A. Munasypov, A. V. Tselishchev

Volume 1. Session 8 Control and IT in Technical Systems

Model Based Design of Control Software PDF
V. Alimguzhin, F. Mari, I. Melati, I. Salvo, E. Tronci
Intelligent control of the belt calcinator for calcining zeolite catalysts based on the multidimensional logic controller with interval uncertainty PDF
M. B. Guzairov, E. A. Muraveva
Identification of the Gastrointestinal Tract Sections in the Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images PDF
A. Kukushkin, D. Mikhaylov, I. Zhukov, E. Ivanova
Realization calculation model of matrixes of correspondence for transport network PDF
T. I. Mikheeva, O. V. Saprykina, D. N. Saprykin

Volume 1. Session 9 IT in Social and Economic Model

Review of German and Russian IT markets from the perspectives of IT offshoring collaborations PDF
R. G. Muftiev
Intelligent Decision Support in Investment Management in Multi-Sectoral Macroeconomic Systems PDF
B. G. Ilyasov, E. A. Makarova, U. V. Degtjareva, T. A. Kartasheva
Development and application of intellectual information systems in social and economic sphere PDF
V. V. Martynov, E. I. Filosova
Modeling the process of selection of experts in personnel management system PDF
B. V. Tarkhov, N. S. Minasova, Y. R. Shagieva

Volume 1. Session 9 IT in Educational Systems

Interactive content management in the system "Infomatriks" PDF
T. I. Mikheeva, O. K. Golovnin, S. V. Mikheev, I. G. Bogdanova
The Model of Education Quality Estimation for Decision Support System in Educational Process PDF
Z. V. Maximenko, A. V. Klimova

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