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Volume 1. Plenary Session

Analysis and Classification of Tactile Imprints for a Robotic Hand PDF
H. Woern, N. Gorges, S. E. Navarro
Mathematical and Algorithmic Maintenance of "Smart" Oil Wells PDF
I. F. Nugaev, V. I. Vasilyev, R. V. Iskuzhin

Volume 1. Session 3 Text, Data Processing

Use of natural language processing methods for scientific papers PDF
I. E. Nikolaev

Volume 2. Session 2 Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Information support for decision-making in the field of marketing communications PDF
L. F. Rozanova, K. B. Chendulaeva, I. A. Markevich, A. G. Nikitina
Decision Support at Cooperating Processes Management PDF
L. R. Chernyakhovskaya, N. I. Fedorova, R. I. Nizamutdinova, A. I. Malakhova

Volume 2. Session 4 Artificcial Intelligence

Optimization of training neural networks using genetic algorithm PDF
Eugene A. Kaspransky, Olga A. Kazban, Olga S. Nurgayanova

Volume 2. Session 9 Mathematical Methods in Economics

System of Executives Assignment for Franchising Company Based on Genetic Algorithms PDF
L. I. Shehtman, R. R. Nasyrova, A I Sagitova

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