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Volume 1. Plenary Session

Mathematical and Algorithmic Maintenance of "Smart" Oil Wells PDF
I. F. Nugaev, V. I. Vasilyev, R. V. Iskuzhin

Volume 1. Session 1 Industrial Information Systems

Automated management system transportation of petrochemical products PDF
A. F. Valeeva, L. A. Kohanchikov, E. Y. Rassadnikova

Volume 1. Session 3 Text, Data Processing

Application of factual models in the field of business intelligence PDF
A. V. Melnikov, A. V. Voxmintsev
Parallel watershed segmentation PDF
A. Karimov, M. A. Verkhoturov

Volume 1. Session 5 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

Geometric optimizing modeling in the systems of 3-D objects placing PDF
M. A. Verkhoturov, G. N. Verkhoturova, R. R. Yagudin

Volume 1. Session 6 Information Security Systems and Web Information Systems

Decision support system for the privacy protection and security PDF
V. I. Vasilyev, N. V. Belkov

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