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Volume 1. Session 1 Information and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Information and technological support of ergatic intelligence PDF
S. G. Maslov, A. P. Bel’tukov
Domain-specific area formal model of content categories based on set-theoretic concepts PDF
G. G. Kulikov, A. A. Barmin, M. A. Shilina, D. G. Shamidanov

Volume 1. Session 2 Control and IT in Technical Systems

Algorithm of support of decision-making for an assessment of a robustness of onboard radio-electronic systems on the basis of COTS modules PDF
A. V. Bondarev
Problems of information security in aviation equipment operation PDF
A. I. Frid, V. V. Berkholts, G. I. Pogorelov

Volume 1. Session 3 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

Modelling of viscous fluid flow in the vertical main fracture with permeable walls PDF
G. T. Bulgakova, A. M. Ilyasov
Natural gas storage in hydrate state: new results PDF
E. A. Bondarev, I. I. Rozhin, K. K. Argunova

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