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Volume 1. Session 1 Information and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Onboard operatively advising expert systems of tactical level for piloted flying machines – objects of working out and operation PDF
B. E. Fedunov

Volume 1. Session 2 Control and IT in Technical Systems

Problems of information security in aviation equipment operation PDF
A. I. Frid, V. V. Berkholts, G. I. Pogorelov

Volume 1. Session 3 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

Irregular polyomino tiling using integer programming PDF
V. M. Kartak, A. I. Fabarisova

Volume 1. Session 4 IT in Social, Economic Modeling and Educational Systems

Structuring the content of the subject domain for the purposes of business intelligence (on the example of educational business processes) PDF
V. V. Antonov, M. A. Shilina, A. R. Fakhrullina
Mathematical and informational approaches to assessment and analysis of health-related quality of life PDF
M. P. Diakovich, I. A. Finogenko

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