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The Need for Integrating Research on Critical Infrastructures, Quality of Life and Safety
Lyudmila Massel

Last modified: 2018-02-14


The article discusses the possibility and necessity of integration and convergence of critical infrastructure studies, quality of life and safety. It is proposed to use the indicator of quality of life as one of the factors that must be considered when determining the critical facilities of critical infrastructure, and to include the degree of availability of energy in the required volume and quality required as one of the quality of life indicators. It’s considered the possibilities of application in the research of critical infrastructures of the 3D-geovizualization tools developed by leadership of author. The use of the cognitive modeling methods is illustrated, developed by the author leadership to support decision-making in research and ensuring energy security for the integral index of quality of life. Examples of the developed models are shown.


critical infrastructures; integrating research; safety; critical infrastructures


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