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Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, G. T. Popov, Heinz Woern, George Kovacs, Jivka Ovtcharova

Volume 1. Session 1 Information Systems

Geoinformation Analysis within the Objectives of Waste Management Systems Construction PDF
V. E. Gvozdev, O. I. Khristodulo
Web-based Information System for the Impact Assessment of Energy on the Geoecology of the Region PDF
L. V. Massel, V. R. Kuzmin
The Multiprocessor Control System of Dynamics Multiply Connected Technological Electric Drives PDF
O. Z. Khasanov, Z. M. Khasanov, I. R. Akhmetzyanova

Volume 1. Session 2 Information Technology

The Method of Mathematical Modeling of Processes to Identify, Establish Characteristics and Relationships of the Connections of Socially Significant Phenomena PDF
Vyacheslav Viktorovich Antonov, Ya. S. Mikhailova, V. A. Kolesnikov, L. V. Chernyshova

Volume 1. Session 3 Artificial Intelligence Tools

Method of Structuring the Self-Organized Intellectual System on the Basis of Requirements of the ISO/IEC 15288 Standard in the Form of the Cartesian Closed Category. (On the Example of Design of Information and Analytical System) PDF
Vyacheslav Viktorovich Antonov, G. G. Kulikov, A. R. Fakhrullina, L. E. Rodionova
Machine Learning Applications for Design of New Materials: A Review PDF
S. Kumar, I. M. Nezhurina

Volume 1. Session 4 IT Applications

Modelling of the Cognitive Map for The Multidimensional Objects Control System PDF
Olga I. Khristodulo, T. V. Sazonova
Methods and Technologies of Building an Intelligent Service for Energy Technology Forecasting PDF
A. N. Kopaygorodsky

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