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Volume 1. Session 1 Information Systems

Feature Extraction from Images with Use of Convolutional Neural Networks: Application to Securing Personal Data PDF
K. V. Mironov, T. R. Sokhin
Web-based Information System for the Impact Assessment of Energy on the Geoecology of the Region PDF
L. V. Massel, V. R. Kuzmin

Volume 1. Session 2 Information Technology

Stream Handling Large Volume Documents in Situationally-Oriented Databases PDF
Artem Sergeevich Gusarenko, V. V. Mironov, N. I. Yusupova
The Method of Mathematical Modeling of Processes to Identify, Establish Characteristics and Relationships of the Connections of Socially Significant Phenomena PDF
Vyacheslav Viktorovich Antonov, Ya. S. Mikhailova, V. A. Kolesnikov, L. V. Chernyshova
Model Reduction Algorithm for Fast Neutrality Tests and Fault Localization of Simulink Models PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, X. Hu, A. Morozov, K. Ding, K. Janschek
Improved Stochastic Control Flow Model for LLVM-based Software Reliability Analysis PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, V. Vidineev, K. Ding, A. Morozov, K. Janschek

Volume 1. Session 3 Artificial Intelligence Tools

Dynamic Cognitive Maps for the Substantiation of Strategic Decisions on Management of Energy Sector Development PDF
A. G. Massel
The Structure of Secure System for Collection, Storage and Processing of Telemetric Information on the Slate of Aircraft Subsystems PDF
M. B. Guzairov, V. V. Berkholts, A. M. Vulfin, A. I. Frid, K. V. Mironov
Solving the Point-Plane Problem for the Class of Affine Transformations and Development of a Fast Iterative Algorithm for Registering of 3D Point Clouds PDF
A V Vokhmintsev, A. Melnikov, T. Botova
Scenario Approach for Analyzing Extreme Situations in Energy from a Cybersecurity Perspective PDF
A. G. Massel, Daria Gaskova
The Efficiency Comparison of the PRISM and Storm Probabilistic Model Checkers for Error Propagation Analysis Tasks PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, T. Fabarisov, K. Ding, A. Morozov, K. Janschek

Volume 1. Session 4 IT Applications

Intelligent Decision-Making Support in Energy and Ecology in View of The Quality of Life PDF
L. V. Massel

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