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The Workshop will be a forum for presentation of new results in research, development and applications in computer science and information technologies. The previous Workshops on Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT) were conducted in Moscow (1999), Ufa (2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2007), Patras, Greece (2002), Budapest, Hungary (2004), Karlsruhe, Germany (2006), Antalya, Turkey (2008), Crete, Greece (2009), Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2010), Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (2011), Ufa - Hamburg - Norwegian Fjords (2012), Vienna-Budapest-Bratislava (2013), Sheffield, England (2014), Rome, Italy (2015), Prague-Kunovice, Czech Republic (2016), Baden-Baden, Germany (2017), Varna, Bulgaria (2018), Austria, Vienna (2019), Italy, Rome (2021).

The workshops aim at bringing together researchers from different areas, including Distributed Systems, Management of Data and Knowledge, Computer Control. These areas are heavily related nowadays. Agent technology, Peer-to-Peer Information management and ubiquitous computing are just examples of the strong interrelationship between these disciplines. The Workshop organizers would be happy to provide a platform for cross disciplinary discussions in the framework of the announced topics.

Selected presentations and contributions are to be identified for including into full Proceeding papers. The submissions will be judged not only for scientific quality but also for suitability as a basis for broader discussion.

Workshop sessions will take place at Sapienza University of Rome. Founded in 1303, Sapienza is the oldest university in Rome and the largest in Europe. Its mission is to contribute to the development of a knowledge society through research, excellence, quality education and international cooperation.The Rome has been a major human settlement for almost three millennia. In 2019, Rome was the 11th most visited city in the world with 10.1 million tourists, the third most visited in the European Union, and the most popular tourist destination in Italy. Its historic centre is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The organizing committee reserves the right to postpone the date of the conference in connection with the international coronavirus pandemic.

CSIT'2021 Infromation Letter

Conference Timeline and Information

Peer Review and Reviewers Guide

Author Guidelines

Presentations and Authors

Publication Ethics


Fees and Payments


Track Policies

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The official language of the Workshop is English.


Scientists from all over the world are kindly invited to present the results of their researches in the plenary, section and poster sessions.

Companies, offering computer equipment, information technology and services on the market, are also invited to present practical results in accordance with the Workshop topics in the form of company presentations and advertisement at the Workshop halls and in the Workshop printed issues.

Papers abstract up to 200-350 words, written in English, in .doc or .docx format, with up to 10 keywords, authors’ names and titles, occupation and e-mail address, together with the Author’s Response (Application Form) or the online registration has to be sent to the Organizing Committee not later than March 15, 2021.

The Author’s response Form A will be registered in the section “Received Abstracts and Papers” of the Workshop web-site and a registration number will be given the paper. The Organizing Committee recommended the authors use this registration number in the further correspondence and if the files sent also begin with this number and the phrase “CSIT’19”. For example: 131_Spenser_CSIT21.docx.

The design templates for articles of the CSIT scientific and technical conference have been updated. The design styles remained the same, except for the addition of more detailed instructions for formatting the content of the structural parts of the article, such as the title (title of the article), abstract, keywords, and cited references, inside the template.

You can familiarize yourself with the new template files by following the links:

Template in Word format: Microsoft Word Format

Authors of the approved papers will be informed about the Program Committee’s decision not later than March 20, 2021.

Submitted papers must clearly describe new ideas or experimental results, which have not been previously published in journals and Proceedings of conferences. Papers will be judged on originality, clarity, relevance, and soundness of methodology. Each paper should include a short abstract and a list of keywords indicating subject classification. Authors' names and institutions should be identified on a cover page.

Papers should be written in English. Authors may submit drafts of full papers. The minimum length of the paper is 5 pages and the maximum recommended length is 7 pages with 2,5 cm margins and 10 point font (the paper template will be sent to you by e-mail). The full length paper must be received not later than July 01, 2021 by email, together with the Application form for participation (Application Form) or online registration. The name of the paper’s file has to consist of the registration number, author’s name and the phrase “csit21”. For example: “131_Spenser_csit21.docx

If the authors cannot participate personally in the Workshop, they can participate in the poster session. In that case the author should pay only the publication fee and the paper will be published in the Workshop journals. The poster papers have to be formatted according to the poster graphical and text instructions. They should be sent by e-mail until March 15, 2021 so the papers could be presented at the Workshop. The Organizing Committee takes the obligation to print the poster and to include it in the poster session.

All instructions can be found on the Workshop website: An example of the title page can be downloaded there, so the authors could write easy the whole paper according to the requirements.


The Abstract of the paper and Author’s Response Application Form should be sent up to

15.03. 2021

The Full text of the paper(s) and Participation should be sent up to

15.03. 2021

Confirmation of the abstract and paper acceptance

20.03. 2021

Payment of the Congress fees

21.03. 2021

Announcement of the Workshop program on the web page:

01.07. 2021

The Organizing Committee will receive posters up to

01.07. 2021

Registration of the participants

01.07. 2021

Opening of the Workshop 10:00 h

01.07. 2021

Departure оf the participants

04.07. 2021


Mail: 22thCSIT’2021

Department of Computer Science and Robotics,

USATU, 12, K.Marx Str., Ufa, 450008, Russia


Tel.: +7 (347) 273-77-17, 273-79-67

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