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Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Cover page and contents proceedings PDF (English)
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, G. T. Popov, Heinz Woern, George Kovacs, Jivka Ovtcharova

Volume 1. Session 1 Information Systems

Analysis of the Territorial Systems State Based on a Complex of Indicators PDF (English)
D V Blinova, V E Gvozdev, O I Khristodulo
Development of unidirectional data diode system in the secure environment PDF (English)
A G Vorontsov, S A Petunin
Architecture of The Security Access System for Information on the State of Automatic Control Systems of Aircraft PDF (English)
K V Mironov, D Ju Zakharov, V V Berkholts, A M Vulfin, A I Frid
Application of the component analysis for regions in education, labor, innovations PDF (English)
B G Ilyasov, E R Gabdullina, E Sh Zakieva, E A Makarova
The algorithm for generating search queries for structuring the content of heterogenous information space PDF (English)
D G Shamidanov, G V Startsev, A A Barmin, M A Shilina
Meteoinformation Systems as a New Approach to Study Meteorological Phenomena PDF (English)
Mironov Valeriy Viktorovich, G R Vorobeva, A V Vorobev, O I Khristodulo
Snow cover characteristics for the hydrological Volga sub-basins and their influence on spring floods in the Republic of Bashkortostan PDF (English)
Olga I Khristodulo, A F Atnabaev, J Leitner, I Klein, A J Dietz, A V Vorobev

Volume 1. Session 2 Information Technology

JSON Documents Processing Using Situation-Oriented Databases PDF (English)
Artem Sergeevich Gusarenko, Valeriy Viktorovich Mironov, Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova
Searching for information and development of expert assessment of new technological solutions in energy infrastructure PDF (English)
A N Kopaygorodsky
Data mining technologies in the problem of designing the bank transaction monitoring system PDF (English)
K V Mironov, A V Nikonov, A M Vulfin, M M Gayanova, M U Sapozhnikova
Cardiovascular diseases diagnosis on the basis of neural network analysis of the biomedical signals PDF (English)
K V Mironov, M U Sapozhnikova, A M Vulfin, M M Gayanova, A V Nikonov
Analytical Toolset for Model-based Stochastic Error Propagation Analysis: Extension and Optimization Towards Industrial Requirements PDF (English)
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, T Fabarisov, K Ding, A. Morozov, K Janschek
Methodology of software system building for distributed processing of regional authorities spatial data (the case of the republic of Bashkortostan) PDF (English)
S V Pavlov, O A Efremova
Formal representation of the model for implementing system engineering functions on the basis of the necessary diversity of structural relationships with the polycubic data organization PDF (English)
L E Rodionova, A R Fakhrullina, V V Antonov, G G Kulikov
Use of ontology management operations and technologies in the subject field of «Oil Production» PDF (English)
V V Martynov, Tatyana Didyk, Ludmila Fandrova, Julia Sharonova, Elena Filosova

Volume 1. Session 3 Artificial Intelligence Tools

Transformation of cognitive models into knowledge base of production expert system PDF (English)
A G Massel, D V Pesterev
Processing Means of Heterogeneous Data Using Ontological Engineering PDF (English)
Olga Nikolaevna Smetanina, A V Klimova, N I Yusupova, M B Guzairov
Dynamic management model of the life quality integral indicator as a multilayer interaction system of triad factors PDF (English)
B G Ilyasov, E R Gabdullina, E Sh Zakieva, E A Makarova
Simulation of salt reserves exhaustion PDF (English)
R R Nurgaliev, E A Muravyova
The new combined method of the generation of a three-dimensional dense map of environment based on history of camera positions and the robot's movements PDF (English)
A V Vokhmintsev, M S Timchenko
Genetic algorithms for designing complex onboard radioelectronic systems in the conditions of interval uncertainty PDF (English)
E A Bondarev, V N Efanov

Volume 1. Session 4 IT Applications

The use of the historical job data scheduler to analyze high performance computing applications PDF (English)
A G Vorontsov, S A Petunin, P S Petuninа
Effective scheduling method of the cloud system of collective access to virtual working environments PDF (English)
L V Legashev, I P Bolodurina
Situation calculus as development of semiotic approach to constructing intelligent decision-making support system PDF (English)
Lyudmila Massel, V R Kuzmin
The Need for Integrating Research on Critical Infrastructures, Quality of Life and Safety PDF (English)
Lyudmila Massel
Application of risk-based approach to identify critical facilities in the energy sector with regard to cyber threats PDF (English)
Daria Gaskova, Aleksei Massel
Optimization of the procurement process by state budget educational institution on the basis of the categorical approach to information system design PDF (English)
I B Gerasimova, R A Murzakhanova, V V Antonov
On issue of Modelling the Oil Producing Well as a Complex Multi-component Control Object PDF (English)
V I Vasilyev, I F Nugaev
Management of Masters training in terms of employer’s requirements and unsupervised activities supporting PDF (English)
V V Martynov, O V Shiryaev
Design of multi-level intelligent control systems for complex technical objects on the basis of theoretical-information approach PDF (English)
S S Valeev, V I Vasilyev, B G Ilyasov
The air excess factor effect on the fuel combustion behind the V-shaped flameholder PDF (English)
A E Kishalov, K V Markina
The energy-efficient technologies in the educational program of the architectural higher school PDF (English)
Alexander Alexandrovich Petunin, G B Zakharova, A I Krivonogov, G B Zakharova
Three-dimensional numerical thermogasdynamic modeling of combustion processes in the boiler furnace of a steam boiler DKVR-10/13 PDF (English)
V D Lipatov, A E Kishalov

Volume 1. Session 5 Robotics

Testing a mobile robotic wheelchair controlled with several channels PDF (English)
Evgeny Chepin, K Y Kudryavcev, T I Voznenko, A A Gridnev

Volume 1. Session 6 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

The conceptual model of anthropocentric objects for the onboard tactical intelligence systems PDF (English)
N D Simkina, B E Fedunov
Generalization of Mass Flow Rate Determination Algorithm with Application to Gas Production and Transport PDF (English)
K K Argunova, E A Bondarev, I I Rozhin
Remodeling Approach as a Way to Automate Complicated Systems PDF (English)
A S Sysoev, S L Blyumin, P V Saraev, A V Galkin
Routing in CNC Cutting Machines: Engineering Constraints PDF (English)
P A Chentsov, A A Petunin
Models and methods for the organization of information support in scheduling PDF (English)
E Yu Rassadnikova, N I Yusupova, O N Smetanina, A I Agadullina
About effectiveness of special cutting techniques application during development of automatic methods of tool path optimization applied to CNC thermal cutting machines PDF (English)
V I Krotov, A A Petunin, A F Tavaeva
Deductive Ergatic Design of Constructive Tasks Solutions PDF (English)
S G Maslov, A P Beltiukov
Formalizations of the single vehicle pickup and delivery problems PDF (English)
R V Gindullin, E M Bronshtein
Processing of Interval Data in Databases for Analytics PDF (English)
A V Galkin, A K Pogodaev, P V Saraev
Increasing the reliability of numerical data under conditions of indeterminacy using several methods PDF (English)
V P Zhitnikov, N I Zhitnikova, R R Muksimova, N M Sherykhalina

Volume 2. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Cover page and contents proceedings PDF (English)
Yusupova Nafisa Islamovna, G. T. Popov, Heinz Woern, George Kovacs, Jivka Ovtcharova

Volume 2. Session 1 Information Systems

Geodata-Based CRM Integration: from Unified Data Model to Efficient Marketing Strategies PDF (English)
N. Fomichyov, V. Abdulmyanov, A. Sivtsov, S. Zykov
Analysis of the GRID’s basic topological structures reliability PDF (English)
V. E. Gvozdev, L. R. Chernyakhovskaya, D. V. Blinova, D. R. Akhmetova
Semantics in Information systems PDF (English)
E. P. Skokleneva
The architecture of the web application for protected access to the informational system of processing critically important information PDF (English)
A. I. Frid, A. M. Vulfin, V. V. Berkholts, D. Ju. Zakharov, K. V. Mironov

Volume 2. Session 2 Information Technology

Architecture of heterogeneous computation system for complex dynamic objects simulation PDF (English)
A. I. Zagitova, S. S. Valeev
The analysis of the problems of supporting information security in industrial control systems PDF (English)
I. R. Garipov, I. V. Mashkina
Computational procedure of estimating deviations of electrical parameters at design of onboard radio-electronic systems PDF (English)
A. V. Bondarev, T. V. Sazonova
Public health component in building information modeling PDF (English)
N. Butina, A. Trufanov, A. Tikhomirov, Z. Ashurova, O. Berestneva, E. Shubnikov, K. Sharopin
Practical solution of a health care quality management problem PDF (English)
P. B. Kozhin, G. S. Lebedev

Volume 2. Session 3 Artificial Intelligence Tools

Neural network modeling for diagnostics support of myocardial infarction localization PDF (English)
R. R. Akhmetvaleev, N. Sh. Zagidullin, I. A. Lakman, D. V. Popov
Fuzzy Modeling of Dynamic Multistage Process Non-Linear Stages PDF (English)
N. Y. Zhbanova
Design and implementation of the system of virtual integration of data on the basis of ontology PDF (English)
I. I. Khairullin
Ontological analysis methods as a tool for a personal decision making process PDF (English)
E. B. Startseva, A. Yu. Grimaylo, F. Llopis Pascual

Volume 2. Session 4 IT Applications

Complex analysis of medical data with Data Mining usage PDF (English)
N. I. Yusupova, G. R. Shakhmametova, R. Kh. Zulkarneev
Development of short curciut current calculation module for automated electric power supply control system web-application PDF (English)
O. Nurgayanova, R. Khakimov
Application of system-based dynamic modelling to enterprise human resource management PDF (English)
L. I. Buharbaeva, L. A. Ismagilova, M. V. Frants
Multi-agent software architecture for distributed streaming data processing in heterogeneous computer networks PDF (English)
A. S. Kovtunenko, S. S. Valeev
Application of intelligent data-driven models in the adaptive control, monitoring and diagnosis system of the robotic cutting machine PDF (English)
R. A. Munasypov, S. I. Fecak, K. A. Masalimov, U. V. Idrisova

Volume 2. Session 5 Robotics

Stability of Rotating Ball in Chamber Filled with a Fluid PDF (English)
O. N. Dementev

Volume 2. Session 6 Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Simulation

On Finding Probable Explaining Causes PDF (English)
E. Yu. Orekhov, Yu. V. Orekhov
Comprehensive Maturity Model for Customer Relationship Management PDF (English)
M. N. Kharisov
Modern technologies of modeling of technological processes PDF (English)
M. A. Plotnicov, E. I. Filosova
Identification and Approximation Errors Investigation PDF (English)
V. P. Zhitnikov, R. R. Muksimova, O. R. Zinnatullina, D. K. Kas’yanov

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