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Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding

Volume 1. Cover Page and Contents Proceeding PDF
Nafisa Islamovna Yusupova, Murat Bakeevich Guzairov, Peter Groumpos, Heinz Woern

Plenary Session

Car Recycling - Supported by Agent-Based Solutions PDF
G. L. Kovacs, G. Haidegger
Strategic Trends in Virtual Technologies PDF
Oliver Moravcik, Pavol Bozek, Peter Sakal, Pavol Bezak, Miriam Iringova
Path Search of the Multilink Manipulator from the Initial Configuration to the Target in 3D Workspace PDF
N. I. Yusupova, H. Woern, G. R. khmametova, A. R. Kamilyanov
The Problems of Constructive Reading Creation PDF
S. G. Maslov
Analytic Demonstration of Effects of Network Externality on Telecom-Market Structure PDF
J. Danhua, L. Bin

Volume 1. Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Systems

An Ontological Knowledge Base for the Decision Making Based on Case-Based Reasoning PDF
L. R. Chernyakhovskaya, R. A. Shkundina, N. I. Fedorova, J. A. Muelle
Fact-Based Search Technology in Data Warehouse with Heterogeneous Structure PDF
A. V. Voxmitsev, A. V. Melnikov
Knowledge Base Development for the Process of Medical Diagnostic PDF
T. V. Kolesnikova, L. R. Chernyakhovskaya, B. I. Zagidullin, P. E. Popkov, L. U. Sandomirskaya, L. M. Popova
The Usage of Kohonen's Neural Network to Build a Component of Automatic Metadata Specification PDF
A. M. Goudov, S. U. Zavozkin
StressTest: An Intelligent System for Processor Verification PDF
I. Wagner, V. Bertacco, T. Austin
Automated Extraction of Facts from Internet-Documents PDF
E. A. Sidorova, I. S. Kononenko, Yu. A. Zagorulko
Some Heuristics for Working with Search Tree in Non-Deterministic Games PDF
B. F. Melnikov, E. A. Melnikova, A. B. Moseev

Volume 1. Metalogic and Applicative Computations

Developing and Implementing the Applicative Computational Model of the Semantic Constructions PDF
E. E. Andronova
Asymptotic Analysis of Logical Systems with Anreliable Elements PDF
G. Sh. Tsitsiashvivili
Experiments with CamLab Program PDF
S. O. Salnikova
Processing Tool for Dynamic XML Documents PDF
V. V. Mironov, G. R. Shakirova
Self-Organizational Neurocontrol on Neuronic Reverberations PDF
A. V. Savelyev

Volume 1. Conceptual Modelling and Decision Support Systems

Optical Character Recognition Using Optimization Algorithms PDF
K. Safronov, I. Tchouchenkov, H. Wörn
Check of Complex Parametrical Hypotheses with the Account Weight of Errors in Programming Environment MATLAB PDF
V. A. Vlasov, S. V. Vlasova, A. A. Trifonov
Recognition of Line Types using Artificial Neural Network PDF
E. V. Chepin, N. Aye

Volume 1. Web Information Systems

Comparison of Internet Advertising — France vs. Slovakia PDF
R. Madleňák
Internet Portal Technologies: Evolution and Examples PDF
S. V. Zykov
Web Service for Accessing Classification Scheme Mappings PDF
P. A. Shapkin
Object Oriented Simulation Model of Multiservice IP Network PDF
A. V. Melnikov, K. A. Dombrovsky
LS-Based Algorithms for Domain of Wireless Sensor Network PDF
S. A. Skripov

Volume 1. IT in Social and Economic Modelling

Information Management System of Health Resort PDF
F. Kh. Mazitov, B. G. Ilyasov, F. V. Askarova, Sh. Z. Zagidullin
Short-Term Currency Policy Based On Portfolio Theory PDF
V. N. Domrachev
Viral Knowledge Acquisition through Social Networks PDF
D. Soshnikov, M. Chernomordikov, P. Zadumkin, I. Andreev
System Dynamic Modeling of Enterprise Costs PDF
L. A. Ismagilova, E. V. Orlova
Methodical Approaches to Economic Substantiation of Tariffs for Housing and Communal Services in Region PDF
R. V. Fattakhov, M. M. Nizamutdinov

Volume 1. IT in Pedagogical Innovations

Adaptive Educational Modeling: A Generic Process Framework PDF
S. Chaudhuri, P. Mahanti
Efficiency Analysis of Decision Support System for Practical Educational Cycle PDF
N. V. Kondratieva, A. V. Margamov, A. J. Ricci
Information Technology Application in E-Learning PDF
P. Bozek, P. Sakal, R. Rybansky
Building Electronic Teaching System on the Basis of Instrumental Didactics, Intellectual Agents and Cognitive Psychology Theories PDF
V. B. Davletov, V. E. Steinberg, A. Morgenstern
Criteria-Oriented Testing Results Estimating Model PDF
R. Z. Ahmetsafina, Yu. S. Kabalnov, A. L. Kalinina, A. S. Kovtunenko

Volume 1. Geoinformation Systems

Subsystem of Calculation and Prognostics of Flood Areas on Republic Bashkortostan Territory in Structure of Geoinformation System "FLOOD" PDF
I. N. Zaitov, S. V. Pavlov, O. I. Khristodulo, R. R. Sharafutdinov, J. G. Ivanesenko
Geoinformation System of Water Resource of Republic of Bashkortostan PDF
V. S. Goryachev, S. A. Abramov
Development of Navigation-and-Search System "Navigator" PDF
A. Beloglazov, A. S. Fomichev
Integration of Heterogeneous Geographically-Distributed Spatial Information During the Creation of United Geoinformation System for Rosvodresursy PDF
R. Z. Khamitov, S. V. Pavlov, A. B. Nikitin
Development of Program for Bashkortostan Rivers Ecological Flow Estimation PDF
A. Elizariev, E. Sapozhnikova, N. Krasnogorskaya
Construction of the Generalized Model of Spatial Data for Activity of the Government Bodies and the Large Enterprises of Republic Bashkortostan PDF
R. N. Bahtizin, S. V. Pavlov, G. M. Saifutdinova

Volume 1. Information Security Systems

Testing of the Airborne Software with Formal Methods PDF
A. V. Bataev, S. V. Sinitzyn
Construction of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Modeling of University’s Information Risks in MATLAB Framework PDF
V. I. Vasilyev, R. T. Kudryavtseva, I. A. Savina, I. I. Sharipova
Data Distribution Algorithms for Differential Cryptanalysis of DES PDF
L. K. Babenko, E. A. Ischukova
The Problem of Security Assessment of University Campus Area Network PDF
T. K. Bakirov, S. S. Valeyev, D. N. Pogorelov
Intelligent Information Security System Development Approach PDF
I. V. Mashkina, Y. R. Gizatullin

Volume 1. Industrial Information Systems

Automation of Measurement and Validation of Operational Calculability of Selected Conveyor Parts PDF
P. Božek
Multiscale Selection and Detection of Signals in Remote Sensing Systems PDF
A. H. Sultanov, V. H. Bagmanov, N. K. Bakirov, A. E. Kisselev, K. Janschek, S. V. Dyblenko
Designins and Evaluating of Crew Activity Algoritms on Initial Stage of Designing of Anthropocentric Object PDF
B. Fedunov, D. Vidruk
About One Application of Genetic Algoritm in Production Planning Problem PDF
M. H. Nguen
About Processing Power of CAM PDF
A. A. Morozova
Integration of JavaScript Interpreter into Generalized Nets Simulator PDF
K. Janschek, E. Koycheva, R. V. Khazankin, A. M. Morozov, K. Georgiev, T. Trifonov

Volume 1. Computer Mathematics

Multicomponent Analysis of Numerical Experiment Results as Method of Separation of Useful Information from Noised Signal PDF
N. M. Sherykhalina, S. V. Utyuzhnikov
Development of a 3-Dimensional Code for Simulations of Electromagnetic Field Dynamics PDF
J. Dubau, O. Zabaydullin
Numerical Solution of Poly-Harmonic Equations PDF
A. G. Terentiev
Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flow by MPS Method PDF
K. E. Afanasiev, A. E. Ilyasov
Solving the Problem of Steady Electrochemical Cutting of Metals at Use of the Polygonal Cathode-Tool PDF
N. M. Minasetdinov

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