Computer Science and Information Technologies 2017

Germany, Baden-Baden

October 8, 2018 – October 10, 2018

Baden-Baden is the world famous resort located on southwest border of Germany. It is only 10 km away from France and 40 km away from Strasbourg, the capital of the European Union. Baden-Baden is the fascinating town with a thousand faces that will undoubtedly bring a wide smile to yours. Nestled in a beautiful landscape along the border of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden is the elegant, international spa and cultural town. You can enjoy art and culture at the Festspielhaus, Europe’s second-largest concert hall and opera house, as well as the museums of the Cultural Mile.Nature flaunts its unrivalled beauty in Baden-Baden. Enjoy delightful strolls through the magnificent Lichtentaler Alleepark and garden, the Dahlia garden, Gönneranlage and the 'Paradies', and the Mediterranean-like Florentine Hill with its breathtaking views of the spa and cultural town. The International Competition for New Rose Varieties is held at the beautifully situated Rose Society Garden on Beutig Hill every year, attracting growers from round the world.Baden-Baden is a town of diversity: hotels and accommodation, from premium to family-run, and a whole host ofrestaurants and cafes make a stay in Baden-Baden unforgettable.



CSIT: May 8, 2022. Official channel with photo and group for discussing in Telegram


Dear colleagues!

New channel for photos is created, accessed by the link.
Also group for discussing for channel created, accessed by the link.

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CSIT: April 16, 2021. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2012


Visit full Volume 1 of CSIT'2012 here:

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CSIT: March 29, 2021. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2010


Visit full Volume 1 of CSIT'2010 here:

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CSIT: March 01, 2021. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2014


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CSIT: January 29, 2021. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2009


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CSIT: January 20, 2021. Updated templates for conference articles


Dear conference participants! The design templates for articles of the CSIT scientific and technical conference have been updated. The design styles remained the same, except for the addition of more detailed instructions for formatting the content of the structural parts of the article, such as the title (title of the article), abstract, keywords, and cited references, inside the template.

You can familiarize yourself with the new template files by following the links:

Template in Word format: Microsoft Word Format

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CSIT: January 06, 2021. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2007


Visit full Volume 1 of CSIT'2007 here:

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CSIT: December 26, 2020. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2006


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CSIT: December 20, 2020. Digitized archival Volume 1 of the CSIT'2016


Visit full Volume 1 of CSIT'2016 here:

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CSIT'2019 proceedings Atlantis Press


Dear colleagues!

CSIT proceedings published. The publisher asks for all necessary edits to be reported within a week (i.e. all publisher errors must be sent within 2 days).

It can be found here:

Please send us your corrections/remarks within one week.

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